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How a 529 College Savings Plan Makes College More Affordable

Episode Summary

If you’re a parent or a future college student wondering how you’ll ever pay for college, this show is for you!

Episode Notes

Laura interviews Ali Bono, Founder and CEO of Pelican, an education savings platform with a mission to simplify your college savings journey.

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Episode Transcription

If you’re a parent or a future college student wondering how you’ll ever pay for college, this show is for you! I’m so excited to be joined by a special guest, Alexandra Bono, the Founder and CEO of Pelican at She goes by Ali, and as you’ll hear in today’s interview, she’s on a mission to empower families to realize their dreams and secure a brighter future for their children’s education. 

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Ali wants to break down barriers to quality education–and speaking of education, she earned an MBA from Columbia Business School with loads of distinctions. Ali has been recognized as an Inspiring Fintech Founder by New York FinTech Women and the New York Stock Exchange. 

Pelican offers college saving resources and allows you to create an education fund to share with family and friends so they can contribute to your child’s future regularly or for special occasions, like birthdays and holidays. 

Full disclosure: I work with Pelican but this interview is editorially independent. Ali and I discuss: