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Women and Money: Tips from Experts on Taking Control of Your Finances

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While sound financial advice doesn't necessarily change based on your gender, women typically face a few more challenges than men.

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To celebrate Women's History Month, Laura interviews a diverse panel of female financial experts about their career and personal success. They're passionate about sharing knowledge and encouraging women to take charge of their finances.

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Episode Transcription

Hello, friends, and welcome back to the Money Girl Podcast–I appreciate you downloading the show! I'm Laura Adams, an award-winning finance author who's hosted Money Girl since 2008. I also work with select brands doing on-camera and writing work as a PR spokesperson and consumer advocate.

Here on the show, I cover a wide range of personal and small business money topics, like building credit, dealing with debt, investing for retirement, owning real estate, paying taxes, having the right insurance, money management strategies, and lots more.

So, if you're ready for more knowledge, resources, and motivation to manage money in the best ways possible and create a richer life, you are in the right place.

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You probably know I'm a big financial literacy and independence champion. And March gives me a special opportunity to discuss various financial topics related to women because it's Women's History Month! The 2023 theme is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories." I'll bring you several interviews with diverse women who are working for a more equitable world and sharing their financial expertise. 

While sound financial advice doesn't necessarily change based on your gender, women typically face a few more challenges than men. In a nutshell, women live longer and earn less. Plus, they're more likely to take time away from their careers to care for family members. That translates into working harder and saving more for a secure financial future. 

So, today's show is about empowering and encouraging women to take charge of their finances. You'll hear my interview with three successful female bankers with interesting roles at Citizens Bank

I'm joined by Maggie Wall, EVP and Head of Diverse Growth. She sets the diversity and inclusion strategy for Citizen's Wealth Management business, creating equal access to services for diverse communities. 

I also speak with Larricia Lumpkins, SVP and Senior Strategy Manager. And our third guest is Kristy Olinger, VP and Organizational Development Consultant, who also co-hosts The Opposite of Small Talk Podcast

No matter your gender, the stories and advice you'll hear from my guests will help you understand what's possible, take control of your money, and have a richer life. Here are a few topics we cover:

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